I have never abused a child in my life!

Fake Satanist James Hind has joined in the affray, by accusing me of “abusing other people’s children.”

Yet more lies and mistruths being peddled against me by the satanists, clearly visible now, as their plan for global domination comes to fruition.

Hind has zero credibility, alongside the other satanist losers such as the wanker in the bushes, bollock chinned Mr Leverick and Trouser Mouse, plus his other hangers on, such as Tink, Nadia and The Wicked Witch of Diagon Alley.

“I have never abused a child in my life,” unlike James Hind who allowed the abuse of numerous children to continue, by failing to report a paedophile he discovered in an online social media chatroom, which he was tasked with identifying and removing the paedophiles.

Read more: Is James Hind a paedophile hiding in plain sight?

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